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    The test is conducted by an “Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Technique” with water immersion coupling on the circumference of the tube. Probes are oriented to test along the longitudinal direction, both in clockwise, as well as in counter clockwise direction. Probes can also be oriented to test along the transverse direction both in forward, as well as reverse direction of tube travel. (Optional) Probes are oriented normal to tube surface for measurement of wall / Lamination defects. A test mechanics installed with probes in HeliSonic-16 provides testing of tubes from the surface to the ID of tubes. An ultrasonic system with integrated high-end electronics processes the echo signals received by the probes. For calibration and checking purposes, an A-Scan display of each active transducer is displayed on an LCD monitor. The echoes are evaluated using transit time gates and amplitude comparison at thresholds; they are marked on the surface of the tube. The tubes can be classified as “Prime"; "Cutback"; "Scrap"; "Untested". (Can be customized and Optional) The flaw results are marked within a range of true defect location with paint on the tube surface. The test results are recorded on a hard disk and can be printed out after the test by a printer.

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