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    Composite materials are inhomogeneous in their structure, and present certain challenges in inspection as compared to metallic materials. Inhomogeneous structures make ultrasonic waves to disperse/attenuate with a high rate of absorption compared to the same wave when it passes through a homogenous metallic material. Ultrasonic inspection method and techniques are thus tailored to the individual component structure. Vivace Sonics provides customized solutions in the composite inspection field. Ultra-Composite is an ultrasonic flaw detector based on Shadow Technique, which is a proven method in NDT domain. In this method, ultrasonic energy is transmitted through a test object and the quality of the material is assessed by the intensity of the ultrasonic radiation after it has been transmitted through that material. The method can be performed using through transmission technique or pulse-echo technique. This technique is well suited to components having an asymmetrical geometry for different types of materials like Plastics/Rubber Composites, GRP and CFRP, Root pass weld, tiers, ceramics, bonding and honeycomb sections in aluminum, steel, paper etc. This method of testing is primarily used in the Aerospace and Defense industries. For non-symmetric components, a manual system is provided with C-Scan ability.

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