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Beauty & Bridal Services

  • Beauty & Bridal Services

    Bridal Make up is one amongst the most critical parameters in the life of that Bride who wants to be one amongst those eclectic beauties and recall that day forever. Apart from this, in today’s arena, it is today that even the Grooms are appropriately the best picks to whom a Bridal Make up is offered probably. Moreover, taking the Bridal Make up in our chain of Spas is one of the most cherishing moments which any Bride will keep as the best nostalgia forever.

Body Massage

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy Massage and that also the Massage when provided within a SPA is no less than Heaven on Earth. Spa is such a spot where the Lightening of the candles and the aesthetic charm of the dimming light along with the enchanting Music can elevate the level of the healing process of the minor aches and agonies which are more often severely daunting. Aromatherapy Massage is absolutely beneficial because it takes the help of Essential Oils and these Oils are very Skin friendly. These are amicable to the skin to an extent wherein it will not cause any type of rashes or burns on the skin. These penetrate deeply and this is the only property which enhances the effects more and more. A session of 45 minutes to one hour is truly effective to have a gain from the pain !! The next parameter is to know the fact that these Essential Oils are blended with the Massage Lotion at the time of the Therapy and then applied on the skin. It is no less than a hard core manipulation of the Muscles and the Lymph nodes.  With the gentle strokes on the most effected areas of the skin these Porous Oils when extracted from the original Herbs, Flowers and Trees portray really the real effect and therefore makes the client feel a number of times better. Moreover, these Essential Oils also comprise extracts from Geranium, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Ginger, Peppermint, Bergamot and Lavender.

Hair And Beauty

  • Hair And Beauty

    Hair and Beauty has been one of the most striking features in the personality of an entity. It is the primary factor which plays even a role far prior before the skin. Hair and Beauty at our chain of Spas will be some what different in terms of the experience attained. The serentity present in the aesthetic beauty of those Spas along with the shimmering of the candle lights have kept many of our Customers satisfied. They were satisfied with the eclectic Coiffure services and also the so called “Out of the Box” which is often expected in the tranquility of the Spas.


  • Pedicure

    Pedicure, as the word suggests can be correlated to the word Pedal or else Paddle. Further, if the tag, “Cure” is added to Pedal then we can derive possibly to a conclusion that it is nothing less than caring and curing one’s feet. Pedicure is the most opted solution to fetching the best feet forever. Our chain of Spa outlets have the best amenities when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic presence of the same. With the plush of the clean floors and the Floral aroma wafting the Spa room, Pedicure is within itself a treatment for many who cherish to see their feet groomed to the utmost !! Commencing from the removal of the Old polish up to cutting the Toe nails and reaching finally the aesthetic feel of polishing your nails. Within this procedure lies the key process of Feet Soaking and Feet scrubbing. This is definitely the primary step of a right Pedicure. It is done with the help of a Pumice Stone or Foot file. Secondarily, the nails are clipped and the shaping follows the same. The most critical part of the story is that our Spa Therapists have the right cognizance .. They are well trained with even the most minute tip. They are extremely careful that the Nail should be cut across. This will help the Nail not to have the In growth.  Spa Therapists in our outlets soak and scrub the feet properly because in this way, the debris is removed completely. They take the appropriate care to clean and buff the Nails and Calluses. Beyond this, what is that we expect from a Spa therapist who performs the Pedicure. It is nothing but Personal Hygiene. We are absolutely observable in retaining this Hygiene because infections do not take a long way to occur and spread. Our Management takes the best possible care to keep a check on our Therapists. They are expected to maintain a Healthy condition of their own Hands and Feet. In case this works out, we believe strongly that our eminent clients will have the added interest to visit us Time and Again !!

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