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  • Cockroach Control Service


    Cockroaches are insects. There are 3500–4000 species of cockroaches  four species are well known as pest in India. They are 1. American cockroach, Periplaneta americana,  2. German cockroach, Blattella germanica,  3. Brown-banded cockroach, Supella longipalpa, and 4. Oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis,  They mostly found in darkness, warmth, dampness, and plenty of organic debris is available.  They are nocturnal and omnivorous, cursorial and fast runners. Cockroaches spend up to 75% of their time in resting in cracks and crevices.

  • Anti Termite Treatment


    This treatment is applied to existing buildings which are already attacked bytermites. The termites even after their entries in the building they maintain regularly contact with their nest in the ground.In case of sever attack the soil around and beneath the building is treated with chemical emulsion. The wood work which is badly damaged by termites may be replaced by new timber brushed with oil or kerosene based chemical emulsion. The wood work which is not attack by termites may be sprayed over with chemical emulsion to prevent the possible attack . Anti- termite treatment after the construction by making trenches or holes of 30-60cm near the external walls or making holes (30cm) inside the building where there is termite activity (spot treatment).

  • Mosquito Control Services


    Mosquitoes are insects (belonging to the order Diptera, family Culicidae ) , have got over  3500 species worldwide and are important in public health because of the bloodsucking  habits of the females. They are one of the deadliest animals in the world. Female mosquitoes’  mouthparts form a long piercing-sucking proboscis. Because of their blood sucking habits,  mosquitoes are acting as vectors and are responsible for dreaded diseases like yellow  fever, Zika fever, malaria, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis and dengue. Knowledge of  identification of species, ecology and breeding sites of mosquitoes, is therefore necessary to  have effective control.

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