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  • DevOps Online Training

    ₹18,000 / 001

    With this course the students will learn about various tools and tool chains used in the market by various companies due to their specifications. Students begin the course by learning about the phases of software development life cycle, the tasks undertaken by professionals in each of the phases and then they will be introduced to this new concept. They will be introduced to various tools and tool chains for DevOps which they would work on in real time. To help them in this process, we have our best faculty, helping them in each step they take. Few of the topics covered in the course, apart from the ones mentioned above are: DevOps and Cloud, Prerequisites of DevOps, Testing and integration, Release and Deployment, DevOps Adoption, DevOps Source code management and many more.

  • Big Data Training

    ₹18,000 / 01

    Big data means big information, it collection large volume of data through traditional computing techniques Hadoop. Hadoop provides that ability to store the large scale data on HDFS process. Big Data is one of the driving employment contracting on the world. It is the most important structure for data to vast arrangements of information to implement, and it quickly transforming into most needed advancements in various Professionals lik

  • workday training

    ₹38,000 / 001

    Even though many institutes provide Workday training, one advantage of OnlineITGuru is besides life access to a workday video session, you can get self-placed (pre-recorded) videos of any one of your interested technology at free of cost. OnlineITGuru provides real-time training by real-time industry experts which in turn learn can clear the certification and can get a job in an MNC.

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